Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wine, wine, beautiful wine!

So one of the few decadences I'm not intolerant to is wine. As long as its only one glass (that means a large one right?) and it's not a sweet wine it's fine. So I've embraced this fact and gone on a bit of a wine mission. 

I went to a lovely wine tasting at my local independent wine shop Park + Bridge. It was great in more ways than the obvious, having someone to discuss the wine with made all the difference in making a choice that suited my palate and it had the added plus of getting chatting to some of the people who live in the area (something that any Londoners will know is rare!). 

At £10+ a bottle though wine from Park + Bridge is definitely for a more occasional bottle. 

This was my favourite. It tasted like a hug. 

A couple of the £5 or less Waitrose range have been perfectly drinkable, but in the lower price range the wine that really stood out for me was this Sauvignon Blanc from Aldi. Light but still fruity and flavoursome. I was impressed!