Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jamaica Style Pineapple

I had friends coming over for dinner. The main was fairly substantial so I wanted the dessert to be fresh and light. I love pineapple and have been a big fan of Jamie Oliver's pineapple with mint for years so I decided on this gem. Some restaurants might call it a carpaccio of pineapple but this always confuses me as I think of carpaccio as thin slices of raw beef or maybe tuna. Sometimes after a BBQ I like to serve grilled pineapple and I think this dressing would work brilliantly.

In common with Jamie Oliver's it's super simple. In contrast it isn't one for children!

1. Slice a sweet ripe pineapple in very thin slices. This one had a relatively soft core so I decided to leave it in but you could remove it.
2. Arrange the slices on a pretty plate.
3. In a bowl mix the zest and juice of one lime with 1 tbsp of dark rum, 1 tsp dark soft brown sugar, 1/2 tsp of grated ginger and pink peppercorns to taste. I used 1/3rd of one of these Knorr flavour pots. I tend to prefer fresh ingredients but these do seem to pack a punch.

4. Put the dressing into a little bowl with the pineapple. That's it. Super simple!