Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Random Bakes of Kindness Two - Spelt Sourdough

I make most of my own bread as I prefer the taste and like to know what has gone into it. I decided to make a sourdough from Peyton and Byrne's British Baking book as I had some Doves Farm organic wholegrain spelt flour I wanted to try. I thought I'd take the opportunity to complete another Random Bakes of Kindness as suggested by @vanessakimbell

Sourdough is a really simple bread as there is no yeast and no kneading. You just mix it all up, working it as little as possible and shaping it into a loaf before baking.

Once out of the oven I had a lovely craggy loaf and two rolls. Delicious with some of the plum jam mentioned in my previous post. The two rolls I'm going to package up and give to my local big issue seller #RBOKindness


  1. Oh Sarah this is brilliant ! I've just added your second bake to the blog post .. It will be up on the 8th September!

    and it looks fabulous..


  2. Thanks Vanessa I hadn't tried this specific recipe before and was pleased with the result

  3. A great cause - I'm sure a loaf of bread like this warms the heart and soul. Hope to join RBOK myself next time.

  4. I agree, such a simple but wonderful idea :)

  5. I recall the big issue seller and always spared a pound or two sometimes. But this is way better. So nice of you.