Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tiramisu Cake

This morning I went for brunch at Bills Produce Store in Covent Garden with a large group of friends. As it was such a lovely day afterward we went to sit in the park to enjoy the sun. I made a cake for us to have a slice with a takeaway coffee.

I started by a basic vanilla sponge sliced into three layers. I brushed each layer with plenty of strong, sweet coffee and a good dusting of cocoa powered. For the frosting I used a recipe I got from the course I went to in Italy mentioned in my soup post (recipe below) and put it between the layers and all over the top and sides of the cake.

I dusted the top with a little cocoa powder, icing sugar and gold glitter.

Mascarpone Frosting
1. Separate the egg white and egg yolk from one egg
2. Whisk the egg white into stiff peaks
3. Whisk the egg yolk with 2tbsps of sugar
4. Stir in 250g mascarpone
5. Whip 250ml double cream
6. Fold the double cream and ye egg whites into the mascarpone mixture

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