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Welcome to Sarah's Kitchen Diary

I love everything about food and use this blog as a place where I talk about recipes, places I've been and products I've tried.

To help you find your way around I've tried to gather posts under six main headings.  

Here you will find all my recipes for everyday eating healthily. I've always been interested in cooking, baking and creating but in recent years have become increasingly interested in eating for health. For me this means avoiding processed food and chemicals, buying organic where possible and choosing lean protein, vegetables first, with some fruit, nuts and grains. 

Here you will find all my recipes for Treat Days.

Whilst I try to eat healthy 'clean' food most of the time I still do enjoy an occasional treat. For me this involves eating well for the majority of the week with 1-2 treat meals a week. On these I prefer to make my own treats or eat a quality restaurants so that I know what has gone into the meals. 

Here you will find all my posts about restaurants and recipes I have found on my travels some further away and some closer to home. I also have a few posts about cooking classes I have attended.

Here you will find posts with reviews of various products.

I often get offers of products to try in return for a review on this site. I only say yes when I believe in the product and sometimes also will post reviews of products I've bought and love. 
 Tips and My Free Recipe Book 

 This page is used to collect all of my too hints and tips and will shortly be home to my very first recipe book. Best of all it will be free! 

 If you do want to contact me then you can find all of my details on this page. I love to here from you and questions, comments, suggestions are all welcome.

Along the side of this screen you can also see shortcuts to recipes using key words, a search functionality, popular posts and much more.

Finally a little request from me. If you like what you read on my blog please do leave a comment and also let me know how you get on if you try any of my recipes.

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