Thursday, 21 February 2013

One Week in Sarah's Kitchen: Wednesday

Again it was an early start in the office. I had breakfast before I left home and took my gym kit with me as I had planned to do a spin class after work. As it turned out, I didn't leave the office until almost 10pm so that unfortunately didn't happen.

Food and Drinks:

Breakfast: first thing I had lemon, ginger and hot water. Followed a little later by two poached eggs one one slice of rye with half an avacado

Morning snack: a green smoothie with a teaspoon of spiruluna powder added and sweetened with dates rather than agave syrup

Lunch: tomato and lentil soup followed by an orange cut up with a little lemon jucie squeezed on it

Afternoon snack: four protein ball 'truffles' made from dried fruit, nuts, cocoa powder and cinnamon.

As it was a late night in the office I also had a cocoa made with oat milk and a few nuts to keep me going

Dinner: As I finished in the ofice even later that Tuesday night I didn't even make it to the freezer for my dinner. Instead I had some left over Moroccan spiced houmous with some celery, carrot and cucumber sticks and some mange tout. Followed by mackerel in tomato sauce on wilted spinach topped with a little cheese.

Water: 2 litres
Other drinks: 4 mugs of decaf tea with skimmed milk
Organised for tomorrow: only snacks, it was too late for anything else

Exercise and Walking

Walking: 20 mins
Exercise: Rest day - enforced by a very long day in the office

Relaxation and Sleep

Relaxation: none
Meditation: none
Bed time: 10.40pm
Estimated hours of sleep: 6.5 hours

Before bed I always eat a few walnuts and take a magnesium supplement. I also sleep with a black out blind and sleep mask and use a pulse aromatherapy oil made of relaxing oils.

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