Monday, 14 January 2013

How to avoid temptation and eat healthy snacks

When I'm out and about it can be hard to make healthy choices. I also find that if I'm really hungry I will just eat whatever is available and in many places it is hard to find healthy snacks. Even the so called health options at work are covered in sugar and fat masquerading at yoghurt.

So I try to make sure I always have snacks with me in the office and also snacks in my handbag for throughout the day.

Starting at home I have ready cut crudités in the fridge at eye height so when I open the door looking for something to eat there is an easy healthy option. You could do the same with fruit.

I also bag up the same mixture to take to work

I like to take oatcakes or Dr Karg's to work with me so I have something as a starting point for a healthy lunch or to have as a snack

These are good spread with nut butters

Nut butters are also good with slices of apple. Try different ones as you might like some more than others. I love hazelnut butter. Think a healthy Nutella! It's also great with a little unsweetened cocoa power and vanilla or (and you're going to have to trust me on this one) hazelnut butter with prunes or dates is perfect to help with a chocolate craving.

I also love Total 0% Greek yoghurt for work. It's higher in protein than standard yoghurt, and so creaming considering it's fat free. Apparently many people find it easier to digest as well. It's lovely on its own or with a few berries.

In my handbag I always have roasted nuts and seeds

And an apple as its such a portable fruit

Finally, I always have herbal tea bags so I know I can enjoy a caffeine free hot drink when people or places don't have any options

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