Friday, 18 November 2011

Food Bloggers Gift Swap

Today was the Food Bloggers Gift Swap event at Fortnum an Masons organised by @vanessakimbell and judged by @dan_lepard.

Fortnum's always reminds me of Christmas. When I was small we used to go into London to see the Christmas lights each year and go and see various Christmassy things such as Harrods and Fortnum's. I'm still almost overwhelmed by all of the lovely things to see and buy in the food hall and today was no exception. What was a surprise though is what else is in there as I'd never made it beyond the ground floor before and there are floors of beautiful household items, jewellery, bags and so on. Plus no less than 5 places to eat/drink. Who would've known! The event was on the 4th floor in a private room just off the restaurant where afternoon tea is served and what a wonderful place for afternoon tea, traditional whilst not being too stuffy.

Anyway I digress, back to the event. We all had to make some food gifts which were to be judged and then swapped at the end so we all got to take some home. The gifts I made and the recipes can be found here

When we arrived the gifts were all placed on tables and there was such a great selection and surprisingly hardly any duplications.

We all chatted and compared notes over cups of tea and little cakes whilst the items were judged.

I was lucky enough to take home three lovely gifts, some pumpkin and apple chutney, a decorated gingerbread house with a surprise ginger cake in the middle and some peppermint crunch.

Here are the photos of each and details of who made them.

The Gingerbread house was made by Sue from

The pumpkin and apple chutney and peppermint crunch were made by Heidi from

And we also got a gift bag from Fortnum and Mason with these lovely White Chocolate and Cranberry Florentines

The whole event was organised so well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A huge thank you to Vanessa, Dan, Fortnum and Mason and everyone who helped and attended!

Merry Christmas and #letsmakechristmas!


  1. Hello! Wasn't sure if you were on twitter, so came to your blog to say thanks for the christmas pudding, which was one of the items I got to take home with me! Looking fwd to it! x

  2. Thanks, glad you're looking forwards to it! It's quite a light pudding and a Peyton and Byrne recipe so should be yummy. It might need another feed or two before Christmas. I'll track you down on Twitter as well x

  3. Hi Sarah,

    It is amazing with so many of us at F & M that in the lucky dip you got one of my makes and then I got two of yours! Lucky me, got the delicious chocolates and my hubby and sons were thrilled with the picalilli (especially as I refuse to buy it for them)! I have suggested that they save it for Christmas but they think it should definitely be eaten now and that I can then make some more for them.

    Thank you very, very much.

  4. Oh how lovely. Glad to hear you enjoyed them! Are you on twitter? x