Thursday, 8 December 2011

Old faithful recipes...Millies Style Cookies

I know I have posted about this before so apologies for there being no new recipes this time. I promise to make something new soon! I'm all for experimentation and trying new things, but in a similar way I rely on my old Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt (that I have had for approximately 300 years and refuse to throw out despite the fact it's threadbare) when I need something cosy to wear around the house, sometimes it's also good to fall back on old faithful friends like this recipe. This is crowd pleaser recipe which I pull out when I need a quick, successful result.

Last night was ladies night with a group of lovely ladies from my old work. We meet up once a month for food, drinks and plenty of laughs. As this was our Christmas meet up I wanted to take them a gift. We don't do presents so some little bags of double chocolate chip cookies were perfect for this. I used this recipe and put them in plastic gift bags tied with Christmassy ribbon with a small Christmas decoration/metal gift tag attached.

Here is the finished result:


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