Friday, 16 December 2011

A round up of #letsmakechristmas

Over the past few months I've been busy making Christmas presents (a couple of the posts have been made by family members, but don't worry I have always credited them!). I always make some of my gifts but @vanessakimbell encouraged a whole host of food bloggers to get making with #letsmakechristmas. I do have a few last minute gifts to make, chocolate truffles, some things I can't post about yet (in case the recipient is reading) and some more mince pie gifts, but as they won't be made until the 23rd December I thought I'd do a round up now.

So here goes...

1. Delia Smith's mincemeat
2. Peyton and Byrne Christmas pudding (large and individual). Decorated versions here and here
3. Chocolate wafers dark chocolate topped with candied orange peel and white chocolate with crystallised rose petals and rose water
4. Piccalilli
5. Apple butter and decorated here
6. Apple and rowan jelly
7. Candied citrus peel
8. Lemon drizzle loaf
9. Double chocolate chip cookies here and here
10. Mulled wine spice bags
11. Onion marmalade
12. Sweet chilli jam
13. A trio of mince pies
14. Gingerbread houses
15. Blackberry vodka
16. Festive chocolate cupcakes
17. Marshmallow snowflakes
18. Chocolate truffles - also to follow but here is a previous post on truffles in the meantime.

There are also a few of posts that weren't made for Christmas presents but that would make good gifts all the same.

Festive Clementine Cake which is also gluten free
Apple and blackberry jam
Plum jam
Chocolate slabs



  1. Well done you. Lots of hard work, but very satisfying.

  2. Thanks Choclette, have a wonderful Christmas x